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There are many different types of botox and botox companies out there. Allergan is a high end, luxury botox that lasts longer and usually requires less units than other forms of botox. It also onsets faster and provides the patient with a more natural look.

Fillers are long lasting ways to sculpt a part of your face. They can pique your cheek bones, plump your lips, sharpen your jawline, and so much more! Fillers can be added to varying degrees in order to give the patient a deliberately desired look. Once you try fillers, you’re going to want to have the look they provide for the rest of your life!

Complete Care combines something not often seen in the aesthetic word: Luxury and honesty. Many aesthetics brands offer luxury but the environment is all about selling the patient. At Complete Care Aesthetics, we like to treat every patient as if they are a member of our family. We offer great quality, impressive, and honest care that will leave you stunned at how much better our final results look. Come try Complete Care Aesthetics and you will see the difference for yourself.

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